Marina Rates


Nightly: $2.50 per ft
$1.95 per ft (30 consecutive days)
Long Term:
$1.75 per ft (90 consecutive days paid upfront)


Nightly & Monthly
(Dual 50s): $75

Early Departure Fees

We only take reservations for 7 days or more. Monthly and long term dockage rates will be adjusted accordingly if you leave early and a $500 fine will be paid. All balances will be brought current at the end of each month.  All tenders should fit behind or beside the boat they are with, without obstructing any other slip.

Floating Docks Daily cost

No reservations, first come first serve basis. If you have a large vessel in the Marina and want to use a floating dock, prices can be discussed.

Non Refundable Cancellation Policy

Deposits: Long term $1500…… Monthly $700…… Daily $250

Marina: RESERVATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS.  Deposits are non-refundable. Cancel 30 days prior to arrival to apply deposit to a future stay within 12 months.

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