May 29 2013

May 29, 2013…Red Witch have caught Blues for the last five days! High Trollin 1/1White and 0/2 on Blues.  Reliance 1/2 on Blues 0/1 whites and a sailfish.  Great Escape 1/3 on Blues, 0/1 Whites. Teddy Bear 1 Blue.  Everyone with loads of Mahi!!!


May 26…High Toller 2 whites and a blue, Cookie two for five on blues, Lots of flags are flying at the marina!………there out here basking in the sun!!!  Mahi still to be had……..plenty of fish fingers being fried at the docks.   Pic is of Zach’s Big blue off of American Beauty!

May 22…Columbus Point is ALIVE, with birds & tuna.  Billfish are here.  Average of one/two a day per each boat.  Plenty more bites.

Mako, Shearwater, Red Witch, Oil Slick, Great Escape, Judith Ann, Any Minute and more bringing in loads of Mahi and tunas.  Few Wahoo here and there.  Wind is picking up more boats starting to sit at the dock and wait it out.  Blue Marlin should turn electric soon.


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