Weekly Update

May 21……….Rain came down in buckets, slowed fishing down, however on the 23rd Who Cares started pulling the mahi back in by the loads.  T-storms all day everyday,  most boats stayed at the docks!

May 24……….Two Cats and 4Ball caught two white marlin and 8 mahi along with a 38lb tuna.  Tuna were jumping at Columbus point!!!

May 25………More raind and t-storms only Great Escape making its way to the deep waters and flying five blues flags and a white, an accidental 115lb Mako got weighed by Dream Weaver.

May 26……….Finally marina cleared out and everyone went fishing and loaded up on Mahi. Kilowett came in with flags a flyin indicating five blues and one white.  Great Day for Kilowett.  Argo reeled in a 300lb Blue.  Joanne has proved to be an awesome angler.  Ava on board the Azul reeled in a 39lb dolphin, she was a determined 8yr old with a strong arm. Good job Ava!! Columbus Point was alive again with birds and tuna’s jumping.

May 27…… The sky’s finally cleared and it appears it was a great day for marlin fishing: Two Cats caught two Blue and two whites, Red Witch caught one blue and one white, Lucid interval got one white, Great Escape had two Bules, Azul had one blue and Kilowett again caught one white and a sailfish.  A few large dolphin were  caught however billfish were the main fish of the day.  Lots of marlin dancin………..

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